An overview on Fiber Plast

Fiber Plast specialises in the tailor-made manufacturing of pipes, tanks and reinforced thermoplastic products, for civil and industrial use. From its Cagliari headquarters, Fiber Plast operates worldwide in over 32 countries on 4 different continents, with cutting-edge production processes. With turnover of €7 million and 50 employees including engineers, technicians and experts, Fiber Plast keeps its entire production process in Italy, relying on those proprietary skills and know-how deriving from decades of family business experience. The managerial experience of reference shareholder and sole administrator Massimo Lolliri, at the helm of the company since 2017, adds to this.

Fiber Plast’s commitment to internationalisation has always pushed our company to grow and invest in R&D, to the extent that it has become one of the most specialised enterprises in its sector in Europe. In this context, our company works with the University of Cagliari on special projects. In this context, our company works with the University of Cagliari on special projects.

Our history

Fiber Plast was set up in 1978 by the Amasio Bini family that ran it successfully until 2017. The company was exclusively working with industries in the Cagliari area during its first years of operations, but expanded abroad later.

New Sardinian owners led by sole administrator Massimo Lolliri took over Fiber Plast in 2017, providing management and production continuity, with a view to granting the company a managerial dimension and further developing it worldwide in the growing composite market.

After seeing this reorganisation through in only a year, our company currently aims at further expanding its general contractor network and at increasing the number of countries where it is active, also thanks to its cutting-edge proprietary know-how worldwide.

Our Figures