Fiber Plast s.r.l. can supply all the necessary fittings for the execution of a project:
Elbows, Reductions and Tees manufactured through mechanical filament winding and/or “hand lay –up”;
Manholes, Integral flanges and stub ends with lap joint flange in steel, Blind flanges, Caps manufactured through “hand lay –up” technology;
Flanges can be manufactured according to drilling standards, complying with ANSI,DIN,BS,UNI regulations.


FIBER PLAST pipes offer different types of joints:

Bell (female end) and spigot (male end) joints with double O-Ring sealing and locking systems: it is a pipe with bell and spigot built in monolithically during pipe manufacturing. Later, three circumferential parallels grooves are built inside the spigot (male end), on lathes of suitable dimensions. Two O-ring seals are introduced into two of the grooves, while a locking key will be applied in the third one. The locking key must be mounted after inserting the spigot into the bell through an opening on the bell, this type of joint distributing axial stresses along the pipes and providing good resistance to longitudinal efforts. Bell and spigot joints are easy to assemble and do not need any specialised staff. These types of joint are particularly suitable for water pipes or sewer systems.

Adhesive conical bell joints: they consist of a pipe with bell and male end built in a monolithic way during pipe manufacturing, with all fittings being female and conical. The bell is conical, while the male end is made conical using a mill during preparation and assembling with adhesive.

Head-to-head (butt and strap) joints
These joints are obtained by applying various glass fibre layers, tissues and mats, soaked with the same resin that is used to manufacture pipes, based on thickness and length according to the PN and DN of the pipes to join. These joints are mostly used in the industrial sector. They require highly qualified and trained staff, as liners (chemical resistant layers) must be recreated in connection points, and particular care is required in carrying out welding, with different checks during lamination.

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