Fiber Plast specialises in the production of chemical-resistant linings in ebonite and/or rubber and of chemical-resistant flooring, the company having more than 30 years of experience in this field.
Chemical resistant linings in rubber or ebonite are made either at Fiber Plast with a 3,500-mm x 9,000-mm autoclave or on site. In the latter case, we can either use the tank as an autoclave, where possible, or apply the rubber cold.
Fiber Plast can provide the entire lining process, from sandblasting with metallic grit to rubber application, vulcanisation and finishing.


Fiber Plast produces fibreglass chimneys based on clients’ requests.
They can be:
1) Up to 4,000 mm in diameter. It this case, they are manufactured:
a) in flanged sections;
b) with butt welds;
c) with male/female connections with double or single O-Ring sealing systems;

In a. and b., the chimney will be placed on a lower base and will be guided into the various levels by slide supports in order to allow for upward expansion, both in case it is mounted inside a framework or in case guide holders need to be connected to old structures.
In c., the chimney sectors can be supported from the top with guides facing downwards.

2) Over 4,000 mm. In this case, they can be constructed on site with proper equipment or manufactured in sectors that will be assembled on site.

In addition, Fiber Plast provides appropriate insulation systems with insulated fibreglass panels.

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