Fiber Plast produces pipes from DN 25 to DN 3,000.
Standard dimensions are:
• for DN = 125 m 6
• for DN= 150 m 12
We provide different dimensions, according to clients’ needs.

Pipes are manufactured with plants that are entirely managed by numerical control systems. They are produced through the Filament Winding technology, an automated production process of fibre-reinforced composites, consisting in winding rovings soaked with resin onto a rotating structure, called mandrel, whose shape determines the shape of the composite. This innovative technique results in products with a very high mechanical properties/weight ratio, this advantage making FW one of the most effective techniques for the manufacturing of composite materials, in particular in applications such as pipes, tanks for chemicals and pressure vessels.

Pipes are classified according to:

– nominal pressure and more precisely PN 4, 6, 10, 16 and 20; any different pressure class are assessed from time to time based on project conditions;

– rigidity classes; according to specific rigidity, pipes are classified as RG 1,250 Pa, RG 2,500 Pa, RG 5,000 Pa, RG 10,000 Pa;

In order to obtain greater rigidity in the pipes, in particular large-diameter ones, glass layers can be alternated with inert layers. The internal diameter of fibreglass pipes is equal to the DN complying with the tolerances provided for by regulations (for instance DN 500 has an internal diameter of 500 mm ± 2 mm).

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