Our Products

Fiber Plast designs and manufactures pipes, tanks and various products (such as canals, cooling towers, electrolytic cells) for civil and industrial use. Our company provides power plants, chemical, petrochemical, power, aerospace and shipping industries with all these facilities worldwide. Thanks to the Filament winding technology, which was custom modified and implemented in order to make it more flexible, Fiber Plast is one of the few Italian companies that is able to manufacture tanks up to 5.5 metres in diameter.

and canals

and basins


reactors, mixer and settling vessels

scrubber and cooling towers
spray bank

linings and chimneys

I Nostri Prodotti

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tubazioni e canali

serbatoi e vasche

raccordi e giunzioni

reattori mixer e sedimentatori

scrubber e torri di raffreddamento

spray bank


rivestimenti e camini