Fiber Plast provides a wide range of fibreglass and/or reinforced thermoplastic (PVC; PP; PVDF; PVC-C) tanks, manufactured with the Filament Winding technology. Standard dimensions reach up to 5,000 mm in diameter, but larger-diameter tanks can be produced upon request.

Standard production geometrical configurations are listed below:
– Vertical with flat bottom and dished top;
– Vertical with dished bottom and top (with legs in fibreglass, metallic, mounting brackets);
– Horizontal (with or without support saddle in fibreglass);
– Horizontal, underground;
– Vertical with conical bottom (with mounting brackets or metal legs).

Tanks can be equipped with manholes, flanges of different dimensions and in the required quantities, ladders and platforms, heaters, mixers and breakwaters, if requested.

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