Planning and design

Fiber Plast specialises in Stress analysis for underground and overhead glass fibre-reinforced plastic pipe systems, tests on underground and overhead pipes, detailed design of overhead pipe supports, anchor block sizing for underground pipes, isometric drawings and maps in autocad. As regards tanks, scrubbers and sand filters, Fiber Plast develops detailed drawings to be approved by clients, detailed drawings of any accompanying facility (stairs, gangways, etc.), and any calculation report and calculation report for pressure vessels.


Packaging and transport

Fiber Plast deals with packaging, according to its own standards and/or those of the client, both for road transport and transport by sea. We ship our products worldwide thanks to the proximity of our plant to the canal harbour of Cagliari, which makes even exceptional transports feasible and fast. Packaging solutions developed: transport saddles for pipes and tanks, transport cages for pipes, tanks and pre-assembled products, transport crates for pipes, tanks and pre-assembled products, crates with vapour barriers.


Installation and in-site assistance

Fiber Plast provides assistance and assembly of the materials delivered. As regards bell and spigot pipes, no particular specialisation is required. One of our assistants can train a staff team for assembly, while making sure that all the excavation and backfilling phases of the dugouts are carried out perfectly, according to our engineering specifications. As regards overhead pipes with head-to-head joints, specialised and experienced staff is required.



At the request of the client, Fiber Plast can carry out prefabrication, based on the drawings provided. In this case, Fiber Plast’s technical office elaborates a detailed engineering solution, dividing the product into spools, ensuring maximum prefabrication within the plant and taking into account correct transport lengths. This solution brings considerable savings in costs and installation times.